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Are Your Priorities In Order?

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Money is important, but time is priceless.

It is very important to take time daily to take care of ourselves, to focus on areas of our lives outside of work and to enjoy the present day.  Because who wants to look back and realize they never took time out to smell the roses?

You’ve heard the stories of men and women getting divorced because their spouse is too busy working all the time. Or the tragic cases of successful business owners committing suicide.  These sad situations are largely preventable!

Walk with me guys.

Success is about more than financial freedom right? We know that money isn’t everything.  We know having money for sure makes certain things easier in our society, but there are some very important things money can’t buy.

Money can’t buy you health, friends, family or moral values.  Imagine having money, but not having good health, true friends, any family or being morally bankrupt. Then what? You’re in a hospital room with no visitors? You’re at the house alone with no one to watch the Superbowl with you.  You’ve got 24 hours surveillance and body guards because you’ve done so many people wrong.  Is that really how you want your story written?

Of course not.

As entrepreneurs, freelancers and corporate leaders it is time to expand our focus beyond just getting money.  Success needs be about more than earning the big bucks.  True success is when you can attain financial freedom AND maintain your health, true friends, family and values.  True success starts with assessing our daily habits.

“In the beginning we make our habits. In the end our habits make us.” – Anonymous

Ready to take stock of your current daily habits and make some changes? Watch this webinar: 5 Daily Habits that Will Bring You True Success